Monday, July 30, 2012

My Etsy Shop!

Finally opened my Etsy shop! Let me know what you think! I will be adding lots more items soon! :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Sometimes it feels like my mind is going in 3000 directions at once. This is a huge year for me. I am trying to keep myself in the moment and enjoy the process. It is extremely easy to get lost in my head thinking about future semester schedules, wedding planning disasters, money worries, and "what's next" questions.
I have to literally pull myself back down to earth, remind myself to breathe, and know that in this current moment.. things are good. I don't want to worry myself into missing these amazing years. Jayden is already 2 years old, I'm already half way through my twenties, and in 4 months my wedding day will have come and gone.
I am going to look back at these times and I don't want to think of the car troubles, the work drama, and piles of bills.
I want to remember the way that Jayden says "fiya twuck", how he tells everyone he meets that he does "pee pees in da potty", and how he likes to kiss me on both my cheeks over and over. I want to remember the excitement and anticipation of walking down the aisle, how Blake and I getting closer every day, and how proud I am of our family. Those are the things that matter.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

wedding thoughts

I am getting married on October 21st of this year under this beautiful 250 year old oak tree. I actually pinned this picture months ago, then accidentaly found it while looking for venues in my area! I was so excited that we were able to book it, I think it's stunning.
 It's going to be a Sunday evening wedding, therefore it's a bit nontraditional already. That's ok though, because Blake and I are not very traditional people. We aren't really paying much attention to what we're "supposed" to do, or what other people "usually" do. We are going with what we want and like so that our wedding will reflect our personalities.
So far we have booked our photographer, videographer, catering, make-up, and venue, plus I ordered my dress a few months ago. With only a couple big things left on the list, we are down to the planning the details. The things that make it "us".
The first thing people ask are my colors. Well, believe it or not we don't have a set in stone color duo. We have more of a color palette. We are sticking to natural, earthy, and antique colors (Think burlap and ivory lace). I also want to bring in some combinations of the different elements; lots of glass and wood.
I am nervous about making sure it all flows together, but luckily Pinterest is a great visual tool for seeing how my different choices look together.
These are some of my favorite inspirations.


Source: via Jessie on Pinterest

I will be sharing lots more as the planning continues. <3

Friday, March 9, 2012

his proposal

Blake and I just had our 6 year anniversary (you can read how we met here) and I seriously can't believe how fast time is flying by. I was about to post some of my wedding planning inspiration, but I realized I hadn't even shared my proposal story! So here it is...

November 2nd, 2011
I had class from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm that Wednesday, such a long day... I woke up a bit out of it and rushed out the door. I actually cried on the way to school that day because my schedule had been so crazy and I really missed Jayden and Blake. My classes were pretty normal that day, nothing out of the ordinary.

At 7:00 I headed straight from school to pick up Jayden, about a 25 minute drive. Blake called on my drive, he was at work and just wanted to say hi since he hadn't seen me all day. We chatted about normal things, but I noted in my head that "work" sounded pretty quiet this evening... When it was time to get off the phone, he told me he was excited to see me when I got home. I said "Don't you mean, when you get home.... from work?". "Yeah.. that's what I meant..".
I tried not to get over excited, after all, I had been waiting for this ring for quite some time... No need to get all giddy over a simple word mix up.

I picked Jayden up and headed home. Honestly, I looked down the block to see if I could see his car hidden somewhere, but didn't see it.
"Ok, Jessie... You are being crazy. Just go in the house, give Jayden a snack, no one is there. It's a normal day".
I had to talk myself down so that I wouldn't feel like an idiot walking into an empty house expecting a proposal.
When I opened the front door, of course, no one was there. I walked into the living room and noticed the track lighting was pointing towards the back door, shining right on a giant red question mark.

"This is it!"

With Jayden on my hip, I slowly opened the back door and peeked into the yard. I didn't see anything at first, but I could hear John Mayer "Love Soon" playing. I stepped out and around the corner I noticed two torches.. I walked over, (with the goofiest grin on my face) and there he was. Standing in front of a beautiful tent that was covered in little white lights and lanterns. Underneath was our dining room table, completely set up with an Italian dinner prepared by him, a bottle of wine, and the highchair for Jayden. :) I walked up to him and he immediately dropped to his knee. He told me how much he loves me, and then officially asked "Will you marry me?"

I was in shock. "I've waited for this moment my whole life and now I am IN it." Such a crazy feeling. I of course grabbed him and hugged him, said yes about 300 times, and started crying. I was shaking like a leaf but managed to get Jayden in his chair without dropping him. We sat down to a beautiful dinner under the little white lights and I just couldn't stop smiling.

We enjoyed a sweet evening of calling family and friends to share our news. The whole thing was simple, beautiful, and perfect. We may have done things "out of order" by having our sweet boy first, but I wouldn't change a thing. I love our relationship, I love our family, and I love Blake more than words can say. I can't wait to see his face when I walk down that aisle on October 21st. I can't wait to officially be his wife. And I really can't wait to see what else life has in store for us.